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Locate Nepal Telecom Hotspots Via Android

Are You Using WIFI Hotspots for Internet Service by NT.If Yes then Here i have an App For You that is easy for locating NT Hotspots

NTC Provides You Easy Service for Browsing Internet via it`s Hotspot which is not available. If you want to Use these Hotspot Service make sure to find Hotspot by NT and Follow Some Steps Below

Goto Your Message Box Having GSM or CDMA NumberType " WIFI " At Message BoxSend It To  " 1416 "After That, Password Will Be Provided to You and You can Surf  NOTE: This Subscription  will take Rs.10 per Hour and will be valid for 24 Hrs.

If You are Searching For Location of NT Hotspot Then Download The Android App" NT Hotspot Locator " From Android Marked


There have Been Issues as You can See Comments and Reviews On Play Store.It Might Be Helpful To You.

Tech Supports People Suffered from EarthQuake in Nepal

Nepal Was Badly affected by Earthquake occoured in 25 April,2015.The time was to be Approximately around 12:30 P.M(Nepal time) with 7.9 Magnitude . many People are Affected by This Quake.Darahara was fully Destroyed.Many Cultural Heritages Were Destroyed Around Kathmandu.Even i am in affected area But I am safe.

In This Situation Technology has been working very effectively  to help People.
Some of Helps are


Facebook has announced Safety Check Options to make Sure that People are Safe or Not.When We login to our Facebook account.It ask us whether i am  safe or not. We can Even mark other People if They are Safe. It is Really Helpful to Know People are safe or not.Facebook Has Enabled Its donate Button to donate for fund Collection
Facebook to Match up to $2 Million


Google also launched it`s Person finder  Options. We simply can search people affected in area and get status about them.We Can report Missing People.It is an Open Source Tool which can be used by any peo…

KLL Quake Maps

The objective of this site is to distribute maps extracted from OpenStreetMap data to aid in Earthquake mapping. The data has been developed by thousands of crowd-sourced volunteers, and in our estimations provides the most up to date maps of Nepal.
Maps will soon be available for all 11 most affected districts, and updated as frequently as we can. The 11 most affected districts, where a state of emergency has been declared are: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Dhading, Kavre, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Gorkha, Rasuwa, Ramecchap.
With prayers for efficient recovery, the Kathmandu Living Labs team.
Printed Maps (PDF)
Kathmandu 32-page A4 PDF, 15mbLarge Single-page PDF, 13mb and more formats available hereBhaktapur 50-page A4 PDF7mbLalitpur Patan Area Only, 27-page A4 PDF16mbComing Soon
SindhupalchokDolakhaGorkhaRasuwaRamechhapNuwakotKavreDhading Topo Maps are also available at
Offline Maps for AndroidOSMAnd DataLast updated, April 27th, 2AM Nepal Time

How to Start a Blog

Everybody loves Internet,they also wants to have some blogs seen over Internet (SEO Required). Nowadays Millions of Blog are being created all Over world about Specific topic called Niche blogging.You can have your Blog as Multi Niche as My Blog Have.
Points to Be Focused on Creating Blog. SEO Friendly TitleSEO Friendly DescriptionMeta Keywords & DescriptionChoosing Blogger Platform Provided By GoogleBest Domain that Suits your Niche.Buy Premium Themes
Creating Blog:-

Here comes an Important thing.there are different platform to start your Blog like Blogger,Tumblr,WordPress
 All Of these are Good for You...Mostly You can Choose WordPress For wide Range of Options like Plugins.But I prefer Blogger Because it is provided by Google and Is Easy and Fast.

After Choosing Platform You Need to take all The Over Points at Final like Giving Title,Description,Domains e.t.c.

Go to the Official Website of Blogging Platform and Sign Up there with Sub domain(Note: Site having Domainname.blogspo…

ISP Directory in Nepal

Tired Of Searching available ISPs In Nepal.Are you Searching for Directory of Internet Service Providers,Then You Have landed in Correct site.I am going to give you all the directories of ISP in Nepal .You can also give us suggestion to add Non listed ISPs Near You via Comment section.

Otel Communications Pvt. Ltd. Jawalakhel, Lalitpur Phone: 977-1-5553703 Email: Website: WorldLink Communication Pvt Ltd Jawalakhel , Laltipur
Tel.:  5523050 Infocom Pvt Ltd Hattisar, Kathmandu
Tel.:  4436458/4436459
Vianet Communication Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
GPO Box: 8975 EPC 1674
Tel.:   977-1-5546410
Communication and Communication  Siddhibhawan, Kantipath
Tel.:  4422695/4422245
Mercantile Communication Durbargmarg, Kathmandu
Tel.:   4240920
Subisu Cable Network Baluwatar, Kathmandu
Tel.:  4429616/4429617
Broadlink Networks a…

Top Internet Service Providers In Nepal

No matter how our country runs in terms of physical infrastructure development with hours and hours of power cut (loadshedding), we still have a good number of telecom companies and Internet Service Providers. Even though data (internet) customers in Nepal are not happy with the service providers in a way or the others, we have enough number of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WiFi ISPs) running in various cities in Nepal and airing tonnes of bandwidth every single second. Currently there are 45 registered ISPs in Nepal (excluding Network Service Providers). In this article, we review currently operating WiFi ISPs (both fixed and mobile WiFi providers, excluded are mobile operators) in Nepal.
WebSurfer Nepal:WebSurfer is one of the early WiFi hotspot service providers in the country. WebSurfer has been actively providing WiFi internet service in many five star hotels and guests houses. This UK based broadband company is very strong in the wireless communication and v…

IT Careers in Nepal

There is an enumerable scope and opportunities in the field of Information Technology. We know lots of career path that we can choose and along with that we can these days see new and emerging careers paths coming along our direction. It is significant for us to pick our field of interest during the study period and its future prospects in the circumstance of Nepal and overseas. Currently IT industry is facing a plain shortage of competent human resource both locally and globally. IT graduates can work in varied industries like corporate, health organizations, software industries, financial institutions etc. The following are the list of most common career paths for IT graduates in Nepal. Various potential IT Careers in Nepal There are also other careers prospects for IT graduates like system engineer, system administrator, animator, database administrator, hardware engineer, network security specialist and many more. Moreover new trends of working practices are being d…

Top 5 new tech arrivals in 2015

2015 is going to be a great year for sure, at least in the field of technology. Of course new technologies are invented every year, so why’s this year any different? Well, here are the top five reasons why. We are not including the regular update products like Samsung Galaxy s6 or new iPhone or say Apple Watch or something that happens every other month. Windows 10 (Obviously) Windows 10 hype is growing every day and nobody’s ever been that excited for an operating system from Microsoft. Windows 10 is promising to bring a whole lot of new features to make the consumers love windows. The new features include universal platform across all devices, windows continuum; auto switching between desktop mode and tablet mode, resizable apps, multiple desktop, Cortana, Xbox, DirectX 12 and what not. Let’s not forget project Spartan, the new browser on the market and a replacement for internet explorer. Windows 10 is a free update for 1 year for all windows 7 and windows 8.1 users. Lon…

Windows 10 Free Update

If you’re eagerly awaiting Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, then it looks like you don’t have long to wait. Late July looks set to be the launch period for the new OS, with hardware partner AMD accidentally spilling the beans. This means we have less than 15 weeks to go before the new OS ships.
Windows 10 is widely anticipated to turn the lacklustre sales of Windows 8 around and convince the remaining Windows XP and Windows 7 users to upgrade too.
The news doesn’t actually come from Microsoft, but one of its partners, AMD, which is better known for making CPUs and graphics cards. Specifically, AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, let slip the date during a quarterly earnings conference call:
What we also are factoring in is, you know, with the Windows 10 launch at the end of July, we are watching sort of the impact of that on the back-to-school season, and expect that it might have a bit of a delay to the normal back-to-school season inventory build-up.

Free upgrade for some…

History of Google Logo

It's hard to imagine a company that has enjoyed as much success as Google. In the span of a few years it managed to build a brand that takes most businesses several decades. Their colorful trademark has become a staple of the online experience for billions of people, and has a surprisingly rich history despite its youth.

The story of Google begins in 1996. Back then it was just a fledgling research project at Stanford University, code-named "Back Rub" by founder Larry Page. There was even a logo for it:

Things started changing pretty quickly however. The project was renamed to Google - a misspelled version of googol, which is the number one followed by a hundred zeros. The goal was to hit home the idea that Google had massive processing potential and could handle troves of data that other search engines could not. In 1997 Google's first branding incarnation was finally visible on Stanford's servers.

The story behind this design remains somewhat of …

Google Now Let`s you to Download Your Google Search History Archive

Google is always tracking us, filing away every search term for future data crunching. You can ignore it if you want, or you can embrace it and download your entire search history right now.
The search giant recently rolled out the option to download your history, after first testing the same feature last year. Grabbing your search history is as simple as logging in and clicking the “Create Archive” button. Google will then send you an email with a link that will point you to one or several folders, depending on how big your archive is.
Google notes that you shouldn’t download your search history onto a public computer, which seems like pretty good advice. Otherwise the only thing holding you back is the embarrassment you may feel after reading through everything you’ve Googled over the years. I know I’ve searched for some dumb stuff in the past, and I’d rather not relive it.
If that’s not something you’re worried about go ahead and download your search history now. Aft…

Lost Your Phone. Ask Google

Yes,Google Revels it`s New Feature Regarding to Phone Security. Now You Can Find You Phone Via One Google Search "Find My Phone". It Works via Android Device Manager.
You Can Ring,Lock Your Device and Erase Data on That Smart Phone.

In order to Have Access your Mobile via Google You Need to install Google Updated Version from Google Play Store. While Searching on Google You must Sign in There for Security Reason and Allow Android Device Manager For The First time to Access Your Account and That`s It. Now You Can Have 3 Access to Your phone

If you Kept your Phone Somewhere in your Room and You are Unable to find it. Simply you can Search Google "find My phone" and Ring it. After That Your Phone Will Ring If It is Connected to Internet.

Here is the Sample Of Find my Phone Search on Google for My S5 Mobile ...

Nepal`s First Online Music Streaming Site Lishn

Nowadays, Every Country is Having an Source of Listening Music Online Like Saavn, gaana,Spotify e.t.c. But They are Not Free Actually.However Saavn and Gaana are simillar like our Lishn website.They also provides us free Bollywood Music.

Now,Here We Nepali can be Proud By having Online Music Website. It has Awesome User Interface.


Music for free.
A place to find new and fresh music from artists you have loved and artists you are going to love.
But here's the catch. Everytime you lishn, the artist makes a buck out of it.
Yup, thats right. You get to lishn music for free and the artist earns. Ain't that something? :)

We want to change the way music industry is working. We hate the fact that the music artist have to go through such hard times to make themselves heard.. and yet get nothing out of it except for some buzz for few days.
We want to value the artists' creation. Email:-

The Top E-commerce Sites in Nepal

Want to buy a new cloth, a book, a mobile phone or even order your lunch online from your home. Yes, it is possible in Nepal and there are a lot of companies offering these services. Though problems like lack of proper payment gateway, transportation and internet reliability are existent in Nepal, many innovators have developed some innovative e-commerce services in Nepal.
We have made a list of some e-commerce sites in Nepal. Most of them are used primarily by Nepalis living aboard who wish to send gifts to Nepal

Traditional e-commerce Muncha is probably the most popular e-commerce site in Nepal. It is popular among non-residential Nepalis to send gifts to any part of Nepal. The site is popular for buying birthday cakes, flowers, gifts, toys as well as electronic items. You can pay via. E-banking, credit card or even cash-on delivery. Launched by Kantipur Publications, Yeskantipur aims to provide everything to your doorstep. A wide var…

Customize Website View using Stylish

Every people love Customization in Everything.Now it is Possible.
Stylish is an awesome tools helps you in Customization.

InstallationWith Firefox (or other Mozilla programs... just assume I always mean that when I say Firefox), go to the Stylish install page.Click Add To Firefox.Click Install Now.Click Restart Now. Finding styles To find styles to install, visit and browse or search from there. Alternatively, you can go to a site you wish to change, click the Stylish icon, and choose "Find styles for this site".
For details on how styles are organized on, see here.
Installing styles Find a style you like on Click "Install with Stylish" in the green box. Click Install on the prompt. That's it, the style is installed and active.
User styles only take effect on your computer; others can't see what you've changed unless they also use the same user style.
Managing styles You can activate, deactiv…

S Health Now On Google Play

Description       Download

S Health is an all-in-one companion for your healthy lifestyle. With the new S Health, you can track your everyday activities, get coaching to reach your daily goals, and improve your fitness with various training programs. Measure and understand your health with trackers such as heart rates and SpO₂ that use the built-in sensors in Samsung Galaxy and Gear devices.
S Health is your personal fitness coach. Set targets, track your everyday activities and reach new milestones with Goals. With intuitive charts and helpful tips, the goals will guide you to achieve your health & fitness targets. Stay fit and get healthy with the new S Health.
S Health makes it fun and easy to stay on top form. With a simple and quick summary, it's easy to have a quick glance at your latest health and fitness status. Of course, you can personalize your dashboard by adding or removing Goals, Programs and Trackers.
Go beyond your limit…

Samsung Galaxy S6 camera tips and tricks

Just like every other camera, the Galaxy S6 has a learning curve — and while it's easy to pull out the phone and capture great shots with little effort, if you take the time to learn a few of its finer points you can really make the most of it. Whether it's switching over to the Pro mode for finer control or just browsing through the settings to make sure you're taking the right kinds of pictures and videos, these are the tips and tricks you need to know to get the most out of your Galaxy S6's camera.

Use the camera 'Quick launch' shortcut

One of the headline features of the Galaxy S6 is its new camera "Quick launch" feature, which lets you open up the camera in less than a second after quickly pressing the home button twice. The feature is enabled by default and works at any time, even when the phone is locked and the screen is off — it's a fantastic way to get into the camera so you don't miss important moments.
There's no r…