Locate Nepal Telecom Hotspots Via Android

Are You Using WIFI Hotspots for Internet Service by NT.If Yes then Here i have an App For You that is easy for locating NT Hotspots

NTC Provides You Easy Service for Browsing Internet via it`s Hotspot which is not available. If you want to Use these Hotspot Service make sure to find Hotspot by NT and Follow Some Steps Below

Goto Your Message Box Having GSM or CDMA NumberType " WIFI " At Message BoxSend It To  " 1416 "After That, Password Will Be Provided to You and You can Surf  NOTE: This Subscription  will take Rs.10 per Hour and will be valid for 24 Hrs.

If You are Searching For Location of NT Hotspot Then Download The Android App" NT Hotspot Locator " From Android Marked


There have Been Issues as You can See Comments and Reviews On Play Store.It Might Be Helpful To You.

Google Doodle celebrates Nepal Republic Day 2015

Today, we honor the strength and resilience of the people of Nepal. On May 28th, 2008, after decades of revolution and protests, Nepal became the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Seven years later, this country is an international symbol of splendor, peace, and tenacity.

In the aftermath of the recent devastating and tragic earthquakes our hearts and minds are with the people of Nepal and the aid workers there helping to heal and mend families as they regain their footing, standing again as their world shifts beneath their feet.

We hope today's Doodle will remind the people of Nepal that they are an inspiration to the entire world, and that their burning perseverance lights the way for us all. The concept of light in this Doodle means three things for Nepal: celebration of this National day, prayers to Buddha, and a guiding light on the way home.

Google is committed to supporting efforts to rebuild, and to help carry the load on the difficult climb to recovery. …

What is YouTube Processing ?

Many YouTubers upload Videos on Their Channel for Various Users. After Uploading videos On YouTube, It Just says Processing But Actually What Processing Means ?

Here i am explaining you what actually YouTube Processing means.

You have Seen YouTube player giving us Video at different Resolutions like 720p,1080p,4K and Lower Qualities like 144p.Even if You Upload 4K video,You can See there 144p video Quality Options. This all is possible due to YouTube processing.

Why YouTube Processing ?

It is not possible to make your Original Uploaded Video played on Every Devices.

You uploaded 4K video having 1GB Size. Is it possible to play 4K Video on Small devices which takes huge amount of Data Usage. Definitely Not... So YouTube converts your any Video in their Sizes to have Perfect user Experience.While Processing,Your Video will be sent to youtube servers and YouTube converts your Video Quality to lower than that of Your Original and keeps Original Video Converted too with small Size…

Connecting Your Nepali Domain With Blogger

Today`s post is focused on a Question"How to  connect Free Nepali Domain on Blogger ? "

Having Free Domain Focused on a country is Preety Cool.Yes that is Cool. Free Domain with Nepali TLD is Free. It is Provided By Mercantile CommunicationsYou can Simply Register Your Domain over this Site

Read Now:- Register .NP Domain For Free (Nepali)

Blogging Platform makes you Easy to Share Your Content,Ideas Over Internet. At First, You should create Your Blog Going on Blogger Official Site and Simply Point Your Free Domain on Blogger.

So, Today i am making you learn about associating your domain to blog.All You Gotta do is follow some Steps Below

Create Your Blog on Blogger first Create Your account On Your Domain [ Read Rules for domain Registration ]Add Name Servers as,ns2.afraid.orgCreate Your account On  it is free DNS manager   Add Your Website On and You will be able to manage DNS easily if the…

Top Things to do Over Internet

Probably,You Have Been Here by Getting Boared over Internet Surfing.Actually People Never Gets Boared Over Internet.There are Lots of Things to do on Internet. You can`t imagine the Boundary of Internet.There are Millions Of Website active Over The Internet.
If You Have Been New on Internet Then Just Visit Top Sites,Help Forum, Social Media Sites.Some Websites Over Internet Are Given Below:-
GoogleFacebookYoutubeYahooTwitter Mostly First Create your Own Personal Identity Over Internet By Signing up in Google,Facebook,Twitter,and Other Websites. After That read articles on Different Websites that are Useful to you like
Get connected with Your Friends via Facebook and Share Your Moment with Other Relatives or Known Peoples. Never Get attached or Near to unknown People.Nowadays.Hacking has Been most Illegal activities Over Internet So Be careful.

Get Known About website Root as HTML,CSS. After That You Can Try Simply Creating few Websites On free Blogging or Hosting Platfo…

Internet Facts That You Don`t Know

Internet is full of facts. You can`t Imagine what can Be the Facts. Anyway,I am here You to Provide Some Facts of The Internet.Then Are You Ready to Know some Facts ?
Most Surprising Facts Of Internet Google original Name was BackRub.The first tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey:500 milion tweets are sent ever day.Mark Zuckerberg’s original Facebook profile number ID is 4.  The first YouTube video was uploaded April 23, 2005. It’s called “Me at the zoo,” and features Jawed Karim, one of the founders, at the San Diego Zoo.“Gangnam Style” by Psy is still the most viewed YouTube video of all time. It’s been viewed over two billion times.The first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson to himself. He doesn’t remember what it said.  The first registered domain was world record for the fastest time to log into a Gmail account is 1.16 seconds.One million babies have been born from people who met on  We now spend more time browsing the web on mobile …

All You Need To Know About Google Plus Collections

You have Noticed about Collections Tab On Google Plus.Google Introduces its new feature on Google Plus.Mostly We People Have been Waiting Features Like This and Finally Google Plus has Introduced It.

Actually it Works as Categories Of Your Blog posts. All You Need to create Your Collections Like.

If You Like Uploading Natural Photos Then Create Collections Named Under Natural Collections
If You Like Sharing Links From Others Website Simply Create Links Collction and Start Posting On It
If You are Website Owner and want To Make Labels Or categories that You have on Your Website,Simply Create Collections and Enjoy Personalized Sharing
Even You Can Make Your Collections Be Followed By Other People so that they Can enjoy Your Posts On that Collections.This has Been the Most pretty Options on Google New Collections.

Once you have one or several collections set up, it’s a case of finding things to fill them with. All posts will come fitted with an ‘Add to Collection’ option, so all you need…

Awesome Router Tricks

Sharing WI-Fi Over Place can be Possible Via Router. There are Different Functions available in routers. You Can Personalize your Router for your Own Use.

Here i am going to Tell You some awesome tricks that you can Play With Your Router. Today i am going to Mention TP-Link Routers For Tricks Points.

According to Wikipedia
A router  is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. A router is connected to two or more data lines from different networks (as opposed to a network switch, which connects data lines from one single network).

Router Tricks Options

Wireless MAC Filtering:-
The Wireless MAC Address Filtering feature allows you to control the wireless stations accessing the AP, which depend on the station's MAC addresses. 

To set up an entry, click Enable, and follow these instructions:
First, you must decide whether the specified wireless stations can or cannot access the AP. If you desire that the specified wireless stations can access the AP, ple…